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The center $J_i$ of an Excircle. There are three excenters for a given Triangle, denoted $J_1$, $J_2$, $J_3$. The Incenter $I$ and excenters $J_i$ of a Triangle are an Orthocentric System.


where $O$ is the Circumcenter, $J_i$ are the excenters, and $R$ is the Circumradius (Johnson 1929, p. 190). Denote the Midpoints of the original Triangle $M_1$, $M_2$, and $M_3$. Then the lines $J_1M_1$, $J_2M_2$, and $J_3M_3$ intersect in a point known as the Mittenpunkt.

See also Centroid (Orthocentric System), Excenter-Excenter Circle, Excentral Triangle, Excircle, Incenter, Mittenpunkt


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