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Nine-Point Circle

\begin{figure}\begin{center}\BoxedEPSF{nine_point_circle.epsf scaled 900}\end{center}\end{figure}

The Circle, also called Euler's Circle and the Feuerbach Circle, which passes through the feet of the Perpendicular $F_A$, $F_B$, and $F_C$ dropped from the Vertices of any Triangle $\Delta ABC$ on the sides opposite them. Euler showed in 1765 that it also passes through the Midpoints $M_A$, $M_B$, $M_C$ of the sides of $\Delta ABC$.

By Feuerbach's Theorem, the nine-point circle also passes through the Midpoints $M_{HA}$, $M_{HB}$, $M_{HC}$ of the segments which join the Vertices and the Orthocenter $H$. These three triples of points make nine in all, giving the circle its name. The center $F$ of the nine-point circle is called the Nine-Point Center.

The Radius of the nine-point circle is $R/2$, where $R$ is the Circumradius. The center of Kiepert's Hyperbola lies on the nine-point circle. The nine-point circle bisects any line from the Orthocenter to a point on the Circumcircle. The nine-point circle of the Incenter and Excenters of a Triangle is the Circumcircle.

The sum of the powers of the Vertices with regard to the nine-point circle is

{\textstyle{1\over 4}}({a_1}^2+{a_2}^2+{a_3}^2).



where $F$ is the Nine-Point Center, $A_i$ are the Vertices, $H$ is the Orthocenter, and $R$ is the Circumradius. All triangles inscribed in a given Circle and having the same Orthocenter have the same nine-point circle.

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