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A particular way of doing something, sometimes also called an Algorithm or Procedure. (According to Petkovsek et al. (1996), ``a method is a trick that has worked at least twice.'')

See also Adams-Bashforth-Moulton Method, Adams' Method, Backus-Gilbert Method, Bader-Deuflhard Method, Bailey's Method, Bairstow's Method, Brent's Factorization Method, Brent's Method, Circle Method, Conjugate Gradient Method, Criss-Cross Method, Crout's Method, de la Loubere's Method, Dixon's Factorization Method, Dixon's Random Squares Factorization Method, Elliptic Curve Factorization Method, Euler's Factorization Method, Excludent Factorization Method, Exhaustion Method, False Position Method, Fermat's Factorization Method, Frobenius Method, Gill's Method, Gosper's Method, Graeffe's Method, Greene's Method, Halley's Method, Horner's Method, Hutton's Method, Jacobi Method, Kaps-Rentrop Methods, Laguerre's Method, Lambert's Method, Legendre's Factorization Method, Lehmer Method, Lehmer-Schur Method, Lenstra Elliptic Curve Method, Lin's Method, Lozenge Method, LUX Method, Mapes' Method, Maximum Entropy Method, Milne's Method, Muller's Method, Newton's Method, Newton-Raphson Method, Number Field Sieve Factorization Method, Overlapping Resonance Method, Pollard Monte Carlo Factorization Method, Pollard Rho Factorization Method, Pollard p-1 Factorization Method, Predictor-Corrector Methods, Quadratic Sieve Factorization Method, Resonance Overlap Method, Rosenbrock Methods, Runge-Kutta Method, Schröder's Method, Secant Method, Siamese Method, Simplex Method, Snake Oil Method, Square Root Method, Steepest Descent Method, Tangent Hyperbolas Method, Undetermined Coefficients Method, Williams p+1 Factorization Method, Wynn's Epsilon Method


Petkovsek, M.; Wilf, H. S.; and Zeilberger, D. A=B. Wellesley, MA: A. K. Peters, p. 117, 1996.

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