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A mathematical equation or a formal logical expression. The correct Latin plural form of formula is ``formulae,'' although the less pretentious-sounding ``formulas'' is used more commonly.

See also Archimedes' Recurrence Formula, Bayes' Formula, Benson's Formula, Bessel's Finite Difference Formula, Bessel's Interpolation Formula, Bessel's Statistical Formula, Binet's Formula, Binomial Formula, Brahmagupta's Formula, Brent-Salamin Formula, Bretschneider's Formula, Brioschi Formula, Calderón's Formula, Cardano's Formula, Cauchy's Formula, Cauchy's Cosine Integral Formula, Cauchy Integral Formula, Chasles-Cayley-Brill Formula, Chebyshev Approximation Formula, Christoffel-Darboux Formula, Christoffel Formula, Clausen Formula, Clenshaw Recurrence Formula, Descartes-Euler Polyhedral Formula, Descartes' Formula, Dirichlet's Formula, Dixon-Ferrar Formula, Dobinski's Formula, Duplication Formula, Enneper-Weierstraß Parameterization, Euler Curvature Formula, Euler Formula, Euler-Maclaurin Integration Formulas, Euler Polyhedral Formula, Euler Triangle Formula, Everett's Formula, Exponential Sum Formulas, Faulhaber's Formula, Frenet Formulas, Gauss's Backward Formula, Gauss-Bonnet Formula, Gauss's Formula, Gauss's Forward Formula, Gauss Multiplication Formula, Gauss-Salamin Formula, Girard's Spherical Excess Formula, Goodman's Formula, Gregory's Formula, Grenz-Formel, Grinberg Formula, Halley's Irrational Formula, Halley's Rational Formula, Hansen-Bessel Formula, Heron's Formula, Hook Length Formula, Jacobi Elliptic Functions, Jensen's Formula, Jonah Formula, Kac Formula, Kneser-Sommerfeld Formula, Kummer's Formulas, Laisant's Recurrence Formula, Landen's Formula, Lefshetz Fixed Point Formula, Lefshetz Trace Formula, Legendre Duplication Formula, Legendre's Formula, Lehmer's Formula, Lichnerowicz Formula, Lichnerowicz-Weitzenbock Formula, Lobachevsky's Formula, Logarithmic Binomial Formula, Ludwig's Inversion Formula, Machin's Formula, Machin-Like Formulas, Mehler's Bessel Function Formula, Mehler's Hermite Polynomial Formula, Meissel's Formula, Mensuration Formula, Möbius Inversion Formula, Morley's Formula, Newton's Backward Difference Formula, Newton-Cotes Formulas, Newton's Forward Difference Formula, Nicholson's Formula, Pascal's Formula, Pick's Formula, Poincaré Formula, Poisson's Bessel Function Formula, Poisson's Harmonic Function Formula, Poisson Sum Formula, Polyhedral Formula, Prosthaphaeresis Formulas, Quadratic Formula, Quadrature Formulas, Rayleigh's Formulas, Riemann's Formula, Rodrigues Formula, Rotation Formula, Schläfli's Formula, Schröter's Formula, Schwenk's Formula, Segner's Recurrence Formula, Serret-Frenet Formulas, Sherman-Morrison Formula, Sommerfeld's Formula, Sonine-Schafheitlin Formula, Steffenson's Formula, Stirling's Finite Difference Formula, Stirling's Formula, Strassen Formulas, Thiele's Interpolation Formula, Wallis Formula, Watson's Formula, Watson-Nicholson Formula, Weber's Formula, Weber-Sonine Formula, Weyrich's Formula, Woodbury Formula



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